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The Scene You See|風景


Acrylic on wall

240x240 cm x3 pcs Installation



I used software to convert the information and image I found into QR Codes, and then used them as the subject of my paintings. In my past series of works, I adopted manipulation of pictoriality and intervention of external light source so that viewers can continuously search for readable information and misinterpreted information in frames of semi-abstract images. In The Scene series on the other hand, I shifted from using seemingly semi-abstract paintings to geometric abstractions; QR Code can hide the images and contents underneath the surface layer. The work in this series appear to be minimal geometric abstraction, but they are actually two -dimensional barcodes(concrete codes with applications in life).


"What I want to talk about is not the fixed context of abstract painting, or to represent the design of consumption code." Even though I used the homogeneous textural appearance for presentation, but the contents of my paintings are actually stored in another space (the Internet, the digital space). Through the selection of color and light of the material, the contents are presented. Though the colors gradually appear and slowly disappear, the contents are not something that bare eyes can recognize or interpret. The painting process I am conducting here is a series of manipulation. Some images or information make me want to choose them as my subject. I make my decisions intuitively, for the images and information may be interesting to begin with, or make me believe that if I hide them away by converting them into homogeneous codes and someone is able to interpret the contents, then I will feel cheerful for no specific reason.


The images that I created are somewhere between the lines of minimal geometric abstraction and concrete codes, yet they belong to neither. The images possess the materiality of the paints; the colors appear when shone upon by external light source, and the images change as the viewer move. What exactly does this form of Painting try to convey?


The selection and intuition at the beginning were rather intriguing. The "converted" images are no longer babbling and sentimental. I do not want to be stuck in an analog state by saying what the images represent. The experience formed by the materials, colors, light, and digitalization seemingly paralyzes the abilities of visual recognition and interpretation, and transforms into sensation into sensation and stimulation, eventually creating a scene stimulated by senses.


In order to really interpret the facts in front of our eyes, we must still rely on the different mediums. It also depends on each person's willingness to really examine what we are "looking at" after all. Why not just abandon this obsessive compulsive disorder of using our eyes to analyze everything, which has already become a habit, for we must rely on multiple mediums in order to discover secrets, as layers of color and light flash rapidly like thin films.




我將找尋到的訊息、圖片透過軟體轉碼成二維條碼QR CODE再把它當作繪畫對象畫出來。有別於過去系列作品繪畫性的操作與外部光源照射介入使觀者不斷在一格一格的半抽象畫面收尋可讀或誤讀的訊息,從看似半抽象繪畫狀態到「QR CODE」這組作品所給出全然的幾何抽象畫面,在當今的數位時空QR CODE能將影像、內容隱匿到表層背後,這組作品表面上雖然看似低限幾何的抽象繪畫狀態但其實是個二維條碼(具體的生活應用符碼)。












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