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It's gone beyond a joke.


Acrylic on canvas



This series was the result of a report I watched on the Internet, he describes the 2004 Dutch director Theo Van Gogh, Islamic militants shot several anti-Yi Xilan documentary, so suffered death threats, and finallythe street suffered assassination. While after the U.S. cartoon "South Park South Park" for this incident in the program unit to make ridicule of Islam with irony, the same producers of South Park unfriendly intimidation suffered by Islamic militants.
Internet search for this series of events to a few related pictures and they presented a through understanding of the era of the world "message media. Perhaps such events in the narrow Taiwan's media environment is difficult to receive this message, but it is, after all, is a fragment of the world the true picture of life, it makes me very interested, I am helpless and puzzled at present different cultures, people get along with the concept of the gap between people or so terrible, even if it is a so-called global village, globalization and even the so-called civilized human

This seems to be the scenes of real life fragments picture, we actually "see"? Fracture, the recipient has commenced.



失訊-世界風景 It’s gone beyond a joke 系列


這系列作品的產生是由於我在網路上看到一篇報導,他描述2004年荷蘭籍導演Theo Van Gogh由於拍攝了幾部反伊西蘭的紀錄片,於是遭受到伊斯蘭激進份子的死亡恐嚇,最後在街上遭受暗殺的事件。而之後美國卡通 「南方公園South Park」在節目單元針對這事件做出對伊斯蘭的調侃跟諷刺,同樣的南方公園的製作人也遭受到伊斯蘭激進份子的不友善恐嚇。





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