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Sanchuan State|三川州

Acrylic on canvas、Digital Giclee Output



What about paintings I absolutely love is that they are accumulated and changed through a period of time. They cannot represent or solve reality. Instead, they become an archive (or images) that can reopen sentimental peepholes to reality for people.


In this series, various images of "Ehagaki" ("postcards" in Japanese) published by the government and private companies in Japanese period are used. Except for general landscapes and daily scenes, many paintings by Japanese and Taiwanese artists were also picked to make Ehagaki. In these Ehagaki of paintings, some paintings are well-known in art history; some are not labeled with original artists and some works are never seen before.


In this project, if an Ehagaki was made from a painting, I would print it as a form of graphics output. If an Ehagaki was made from a photograph, I would draw a new copy of it on a canvas with colors predetermined by comparing the original color schemes of the Ehagaki with a color chart. The process of this project itself therefore was another course of re-making and re-watching.


With my image-processing methods, these files of images scattered and piled in the track of time are put in this space to assemble slices and facets of this island. Via these sightseeing images made by people of the past, I can rediscover meanings of places I live in, tourist attractions and famous sites, while feeling that these places are somewhat familiar to me. With the tides of time, these messages have been changed, vanished, covered, forgotten, ignored and re-clarified. The procedure of picking and processing these images, therefore, is a mutual view and a path of how I recognize these places.













[Installation View @ TFAM | 2015]

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