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Island · City


Acrylic on canvas



3D image of architecture program show us an imagination scene, maybe it can be reality in the future or it’s working now. In the image world, we seemingly look forward to live in an ideal environment with better process improved. Document and sketch project strengthen imagination of image that is supported by scientific method and audacious assumption. From these media, they organize a swinging time-space which interests me to wandering.  

建築模擬圖提供了一個可能實際操作實現的想像提案,在影像中我們似乎可以期 待著美好的建築環境空間改善現存的居住與環境問題,每張 3D 模擬圖都仿佛是 理想化的風景照讓人極為嚮往。文件與設計圖這些計劃書帶著科學根據與對未來 的大膽假設補足了 3D 模擬圖風景的影像強度。透過這些媒介組織了一個「即將 實現」的時間縫隙,吸引著我逗留在那裡。

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