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Forest Series

Acrylic on canvas



Most of the paintings in this collection were made from the photographs taken in my journeys. Reviewing these images is just like a short imaginary experience of logging out from the reality.


Starting from white canvas, I finished these paintings from beginning to end. Then all the areas of highlighted colors were whited out to form new images. Those processes were paths I could freely roam through.


I tried to present the time I spent from choosing photographs to getting familiar with those images in these works. Pearlescent pigments are translucent and tend to have sepia tones, and make paintings look like old photographs, with their marks of time. I want to use this kind of modern pigments to interpret the time of these images and their painting processes. Eventually, it portrayed not only old, sepia tones that mimic marks of time, but also the temporal memories of strokes and colors when making and watching these paintings. In such a way, slices of time were rendered in these big-size images. When their viewers move and immerse themselves in these strokes and colors, they are actually re-organizing these images with those shattered, removed, scattered elements.


To me, the process of making these paintings is my memories and imaginations of images. I re-made images via painting, and placed them in this space. Via the interaction of these images, a vague and ambiguous narrative with the temporal memory of viewers is thus produced.










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