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Sheng-Hung SHIU



1987  b. Kaohsiung , Taiwan

2014  Graduated form “Tainan National University of Arts- Plastic Art”, M.F.A




In contemporary life, people have grown accustomed to reading information and constructing knowledge through innumerous physical and virtual interfaces. In his work, Sheng-Hung Shiu has examined the complex, fluid relationship between memory and its vessels, and explores the methods of reading image and painting that are mutually referencing and influencing. By doing so, the artist has created installations by mixing painting, photography and documents. Throughout the process, Shiu has also been intrigued by the historical context of the landscape, places and family memory, and consequently, started gathering more information and incorporated his experience into his work. Although his motivation originated from self-exploration, his work has employed an objective and coolheaded approach, as if he had adopted the perspective of a stranger to create and observe the scenes.


Shiu has been collecting “Ehagaki” (postcards issued in Taiwan during the period of Japanese rule). The images on these postcards are often scenic spots and daily scenes of different places, and one major type is colored photographs. The illustrated Ehagaki images, on the other hand, range from masterpieces of renowned painters in art history to drawings by unknown artists. In Shiu’s solo exhibition, Sanchuan State (2015), the Ehagaki with images of paintings were shown as prints, and the Ehagaki with photographic images were re-created by the artist, who reproduced the images with the same colors to observe the similarities and differences between the past and the present. Through this sampling method, Shiu has juxtaposed images scattered in time and put together an image of Taiwan with fragmented scenes. By comparing the ‘souvenirs’ left by people in the past with the present landscape, Shiu has unfolded an alternative way to know this land by examining the changes and disappearance of local memory.


The Images Left Behind (2018) was Shiu’s invitation to his audience, who participated in the artist’s journey that aimed to explore the fluidity of memory and its crucial role in shaping our life and environment. In this exhibition, Shiu created an ambiguous yet affective experience that connected audience in a closer way.


Objects filled with memory and a sense of history could be viewed as items exchangeable with capital, or could be conveniently preserved as images. Blinded by land development and personal greed and desire, does anyone really care about “memory,” “mementoes” and “monuments” as resistance slogans at critical moments? From individuals to the larger environment we inhabit, people have always been faced with the unknown future and sudden disappearances in life. Each one of us has a different stance and attitude towards memory. These material objects that carry different implications from respective historical contexts could be assets, treasures, souvenirs or dispensable. Therefore, the artist has felt the need to re-examine the relationship between memory, capital and material exchange.


Shiu has been applying his artistic concept to painting as well as other media. In 2012, he held his first large solo exhibition at Hong Gah Museum, and in recent years, he has held solo exhibitions or participated in group exhibitions in Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan and Basel in Switzerland. His works have been exhibited in major exhibitions, including TOKYO FRONTLINE (2011), Taiwan Biennial by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (2012), Kaohsiung Awards (2014), Taipei Arts Awards (2015), Art Central and VOLTA 14 (2018).



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2009   “ART TAIPEI 2009 - Made in Taiwan: Young Artist Discovery”, Taipei World Trade Center,   

             Taipei, Taiwan.




2015   Selected for ”2015 Taipei Arts Awards- Honorable Award”.

2014   Selected for “National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts: Young Artist Collections”.

            Selected for ”2014 Kaohsiung Arts Awards- Grand Award”.

2011   Selected for “2011 Kaohsiung Arts Awards- Jury's Award” .

2009   Selected for “National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts: Young Artist Collections”.

            Selected for “ART TAIPEI 2009 - Made in Taiwan: Young Artist Discovery”.

            Selected for “The 7th Taoyuan Art Award”.




2019   Selected for “Department of Culture Affairs, Taipei City Government 108-2 exhibition support”

2018   Selected for “Department of Culture Affairs, Taipei City Government 107-2 exhibition support”

2016   Selected for “Department of Culture Affairs, Taipei City Government 105-1 exhibition support”

2014   Selected for “National Culture and Arts Foundation 103-2 creation support”

2013   Selected for “Department of Culture Affairs, Taipei City Government 102-2 exhibition support”

2012   Selected for “National Culture and Arts Foundation 101-2 creation support”



2019   OCI Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea.



1987生於高雄,2014 國立台南藝術大學 造形藝術研究所 畢業






《The Images Left Behind》(2018)是許聖泓邀請觀眾參與他的旅程,藉此幫助我們理解回憶的流動性以及它們是塑造我們生活和環境方面的重要角色。這位年輕藝術家創造了一場隱晦卻具感染力同時與觀眾緊密聯繫的體驗。




多年來許氏將其作品從繪畫擴展到各種媒材闡述他的藝術思想。2012年於鳳甲美術館舉辦首次大型個展,近年於台北、香港、日本、瑞士巴塞爾等地舉辦個展與聯展。過去曾參加TOKYO FRONTLINE (2011)、國立台灣美術館-台灣美術雙年展 (2012)、高雄獎 (2014)、台北美術獎 (2015)、Art Central、VOLTA 14 (2018)等重要展覽。




2019 《許聖泓個展》,當代一畫廊,台北,台灣。

2018 《VOLTA 14》,Affinity Art,巴塞爾,瑞士。

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2015  台北美術獎–優選

2014  國美館青年作品典藏計畫

2014  高雄美術獎–首獎

2011  高雄美術獎–觀察員特別獎

2011  台灣美術新貌獎–平面創作 入選

2009  國美館青年作品典藏計畫

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2009  第七屆桃源創作獎–入選



2019 國家文化藝術基金會108年度第2期創作補助

2018 國家文化藝術基金會107年度第2期創作補助

2016  台北市文化局105年度第1期展覽補助

2014  國家文化藝術基金會103年度第2期創作補助

2013  台北市文化局102年度第2期展覽補助

2012  國家文化藝術基金會101年度第2期創作補助


2019  韓國首爾OCI美術館