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Forest Series

Acrylic on canvas



By consistently ensuring the predominance of his desired tonal palettes, Shiu Sheng-Hung’s art manifests dynamics that are exceptional both in breadth and in conceptual meaning. This visual fluidity allows his paintings to feel unique and to change in depth and appearance each time they are seen, depending on externalities which include the perspectives from which the paintings are seen and the lighting present. At the heart of this versatility lies Shiu’s overarching commentary on the nature of time and memory: the use of pearlescent paint over elements of his paintings have ethereal and transformative effects on his art while remaining crucially symbolic of the relationship between temporality and remembrance in viewers’ minds. 

In his ‘Forest’ series, Shiu remains faithful to these hallmarks of his art. Drawing upon photographs from his travels in Taiwan, he employs a primarily blue colour scheme and, selectively, pearlescent paint to signify the progression of time and the ephemeral essence of memory. These components lend a sense of ambiguity and mystery to the paintings. Shiu views his art as a mode of communication that transcends verbal expression, allowing viewers of the paintings to freely interpret them within the context of their own personal narrative. His paintings are therefore interpretations, and not mere replications, of the photographs which serve as their reference - they encapsulate the fundamental aspects of his art.










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