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SHIU Sheng-Hung





9 Jan. - 29 Feb. 2020

@OCI Museum of Art|Seoul, South Korea


5 Jan. - 6 Feb. 2021

Opening: 10 Jan. pm 2:30

@行思策坊|Taichung, Taiwan


29 Dec. 2020 - 26 Feb. 2021

@Affinity Art|Crans Montana, Switzerland


“Anecdote Trio ’’ Shiu Sheng-Hung, Lu Yi-Lin ,Liu Yao-Chung Group Exhibition

2 July. - 14 Aug. 2021

@當代一畫廊|Taipei, Taiwan

深時 Glacial
SHIU Sheng-Hung, Josefina NELIMARKKA


11 Sep. - 6 Nov. 2021

@本事藝術 SOLID ART|Taipei, Taiwan

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SHIU Sheng-Hung 1987 born in Kaohsiung , Taiwan.

2014 Graduated form “Tainan National University of Arts- Plastic Art”, M.F.A


Shiu has been applying his artistic concept to painting as well as other media. In 2012, he held his first large solo exhibition at Hong Gah Museum, and in recent years, he has held solo exhibitions or participated in group exhibitions in Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan and Basel in Switzerland. His works have been exhibited in major exhibitions, including TOKYO FRONTLINE (2011), Taiwan Biennial by the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (2012), Kaohsiung Awards (2014), Taipei Arts Awards (2015), Art Central and VOLTA 14 (2018).


“Disappearance” and “temporality” have always been the cores of Shiu’s practice.


These core concepts have evolved into four art series in recent years and respectively engaged with different aspects and issues, which include Sanchuan State (2015) that explores the viewing of Taiwan’s past and present, The Images Left Behind (2018~) that discusses contemporary social issues involved in my personal experience and memory, as well as Painting  (2015~) and Glacier (2019) that employ the perception of materials and forest landscape as metaphors for memory and time.




Hsinchu, Taiwan

SHIU Sheng-Hung


Hong Kong|Crans Montana




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